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Request Marketing: Social, Web, Print

RHA's Marketing & Communications Team is here to help our Operations engage their communities.

If you need assistance, please email

Our Team

Director - Marketing & Communications

Manager - Marketing & Communications

Here's How Marketing Can Help
  • Identify your Audience
  • Help craft your message
  • Help push communications via proper physical/digital assets
  • Track engagement.

Cost Center
  • Please send your cost center for invoicing.  Helps with Workday invoice submission process.

Lead-time For Requests
Our goal is to get what you need (while protecting RHA's brand) ASAP.  To do this well, some lead-time is needed for requests.  Below is some guidance.

Social Media
    • 1-2 days (if you have a solid web presence to point toward)
    • 2-4 weeks (if your program does NOT have a solid web presence.  May need to create a web page first, before promoting on social media)
Web Page Creation
    • 2-4 weeks
Web Page Edits
    • 1-3 days
Print Material Creation
    • 2-4 weeks
Print Material Edit
    • 1-3 business days (add additional 1-2 weeks for printing/shipping)
    • 2-3 weeks for quoting/ordering/shipping
    • Best for you to have a good idea of your budget before making a request