Mental & Emotional Wellbeing

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Available to all Part-Time and Full-Time Employees

Challenges are just a part of everyday life.

You and your family members have access to our FREE and confidential Employee Assistance Program (EAP), provided through LifeWorks, to help with those everyday challenges that may be impacting your health, your relationships and your ability to fully enjoy your job.

RHA’s EAP program is free and open to all part and full-time employees, as well as extended family members.

Your EAP can help you resolve a broad range of issues, including:
  • Marriage, relationship, and family problems.
  • Legal and financial issues.
  • Alcohol and drug dependency.
  • Childcare and eldercare assistance.
  • Changes in mood and behaviors.
  • The impacts of stress, anxiety, and depression.
  • Coping strategies for caregiver syndrome and vicarious trauma.
  • Health and wellness concerns.
  • Identity theft recovery services.
Consultation and Support
You and the members of your household are entitled to unlimited telephonic support and up to five (5) consultations with a licensed clinician per issue, per individual, per the calendar year.

You can choose between in-person sessions with a provider from LifeWorks’ extensive network or convenient and easy telephonic consultations with a licensed LifeWorks clinician.

Please call (888) 319-7819 anytime to speak with a clinician, request a referral or schedule an appointment.

Online Member Services
LifeWorks’ EAP website and app feature a wide range of tools and information to help you take charge of your wellbeing and simplify your life.

Log on to and use the following credentials:
  • Username: metlifeeap
  • Password: eap
Extra Support Service: Grief Counseling
Facing a major loss is never easy, and how you cope and grieve is very personal. No matter the circumstances, whether it’s a death, an illness, a divorce, or even a child leaving home, there are valuable resources available to you that can help.

Your RHA EAP offers you, your family members and your beneficiaries’ access to face-to-face grief counseling session (up to five (5) in-person sessions), unlimited telephonic counseling support and other related concierge services to help cope with a loss.

These services provide valuable, confidential and professional support during a difficult time to help address personal needs and/or funeral planning needs—at no extra cost! Grief Counseling Services are just a phone call away.

Call (888) 319-7819 to contact a professional counselor or to access helpful funeral planning-related information and resources.

Other Stress Management Resources
  • – A trusted non-profit guide to mental health and well-being.
  • – Click the Getting Healthy tab for tips on stress management, physical activity, quitting smoking, weight management and more.
  • – A practical approach to managing stress at work and everyday living. Join the mailing list to receive a free weekly tip.

5 Proactive Health Tips to Reduce Stress

1. Have an exercise break!
Go for a walk, do some stretches,
take the stairs – just get moving!

2. Start a stress journal
Keeping track of when you feel stressed will
help identify patterns and common themes.

3. Learn how to say “no”
Know your limits and stick to them
so you will not feel constantly overwhelmed.

4. Express your feelings instead of bottling them up
You can call the confidential EAP hotline
24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

5. Make time for fun and relaxation!
Spend time in nature, call a friend,
take a long bath or listen to music.
Find something you love to do!

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