Welcome to RHA Prolex Employees!

A Message from Jeanne Duncan, RHA Chief Executive Officer

By now, you have heard that Prolex has made the decision to join RHA Health Services in early March 2019.

It’s natural to feel a bit nervous of the unknown!  We pledge to keep you informed as information is solidified and we learn more about each other.

To ensure services to the people you support (and your employment) are not interrupted, RHA Health Services (RHA) agreed to bring you on as an RHA employee in early March at your same rate of pay.

It’s extremely important to RHA that a smooth conversion happens for all involved: Employees, persons-supported, families, and the community.

The next few weeks will be very busy!

Stay with RHA!
The immediate impact is that employees keep their jobs with the same rate of pay!
Services for the people you support will not be interrupted!
RHA is warmly extending the opportunity for employees to work for RHA.
RHA is targeting to hire all staff by early March.  We’ll have a specific date of this transition soon.

‘Welcome to RHA’ Webpage To Apply Online and Select Onboarding Appointment
1.  This page is a ‘one-top-shop’ for you to access information about officially applying and onboarding with RHA.
2.     Apply online for your position BEFORE your onboarding event.  This will ensure your onboarding goes smoothly.
3.     Select an onboarding appointment online

1) Apply Online BEFORE Tuesday, February 12th

Click the appropriate link to officially apply for your position.  Prolex job titles are referenced to help guide you.

Notes About the Online Application
  • Once you select this link select ‘Apply’, you will be prompted to create a candidate account.
  • You will need and have access to a personal email address to apply, and will reference back to this account to complete your onboarding in the coming days/weeks.
Online Applications
Please select the link that matches your current job

2) Sign Up TODAY for Your Onboarding Event February 12-14
All employees need to attend one of these sessions to ensure employment

Time windows you can select are 9-noon, 1-3, and 3:30-5 each day.

About the RHA Welcome/Onboarding Event in Chattanooga
February 12-14, 2019
  • All employee onboarding and conditions of employment need to be completed/met to begin working for RHA.
  • To support you, RHA staff will be at your 2229 Olan Mills Drive, Chattanooga, TN office to welcome and onboard you to RHA.
  • During your Onboarding Event, RHA will help you finalize any onboarding tasks necessary.

What to Bring to Your Welcome/Onboarding Event
Please ensure you have fully completed your RHA application online BEFORE your onboarding event.
  1. Your bank Routing Number & Account Number - RHA only uses direct deposit.
  2. Valid Driver’s License
  3. Acceptable I-9 Documents
  4. Be prepared to take a drug test
We look forward to meeting you!