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Talent, Performance & Goals

Introducing Workday Talent

RHA has rolled out two new Talent features in Workday

  • Talent and Performance for Employees
  • Team Performance for Managers
Advantages include:
  • Expansion of our 'Elevate' program, to now include all employees
  • Using the familiar Workday User Interface
  • Actions items show up in our Workday Inbox
  • You can Get and Give Feedback from others, which can be used to inform performance reviews
  • Your performance information can inform career development opportunities and future compensation decisions.
This spring, RHA will be implementing and training on performance reviews and corrective action in Workday.

For now, we encourage you to build out your talent profile (think of this as your RHA LinkedIn) and use the Feedback and Goal tools.  See the guides (below) to help walk you through the process.

Click here to view the 30 minute Workday Talent introductory webinar.

2018 Annual Performance Review Cycle
For non-direct support positions

Unit leadership and HR Partners will be trained on Workday Performance Reviews in early May.

Self Review (90 day/annual)
May 29 – June 10, 2018

Manager Reviews
June 11 – June 24, 2018 

1:1 Feedback Sessions between Manager & Employee
June 25 – July 15, 2018

Talent and Performance for Employees

Employees have a really cool opportunity to take charge of their own development.  You can begin by setting a goal or requesting feedback.

How are Performance Reviews are done in Workday?

IDD Direct Support positions:
  • 90 day Introductory review in Workday
  • Annual Manager Review on Hire Date Anniversary
All Other RHA Jobs:
  • 90 day Introductory review in Workday
  • Annual Self-Review
  • Annual Manager Review during Annual Performance Review Cycle

Learn how to:
  • Add and Archive a Goal - A great way to track your progress on an important project/initiative.  The status of your goal will appear on your performance evaluation.
  • Get and Give Feedback - Ask co-workers, your boss, or a mentor for feedback on how you're doing, and where you can get better.  Employees that 'seek to understand' from others tend to do better!
Team Performance for Managers

Talent and Performance gives our managers the opportunity to:
  • Provide continuous feedback
  • Manage goals
  • Conduct annual reviews
  • if needed, issue corrective action.
  • Performance Improvement plans

This additional functionality gives us a lot of new tools to help us work better, recognize high performers, and more.
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Apr 9, 2018, 1:46 PM
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Bob Turner,
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