Elevate Core Behavioral Competencies & Rating Scale

What is a 'behavioral competency'?
  • Behavioral competencies are observable and measurable behaviors for individual and organizational effectiveness
  • RHA’s Competencies are a reflection of our 7 Habits Culture of Caring and Leadership
  • RHA updated our employees performance reviews, based on these competencies, in 2015

Core Behavioral Competencies

Serving the People we Support / Customers - Supports Culture of Caring
Has sufficient knowledge of the services and helps the people we support or our customers enthusiastically; communicates well with the people we support and customers and follows up as necessary is always professional and represents the organization positively.

Following Policies and Procedures
Understands and follows company policies; encourages others to follow work rules; calls attention to actions that may violate policies and procedures.

Meeting Basic Work Expectations
Complies with basic job requirements and tasks; arrives at work on time as scheduled; proactively informs others when he/she encounters problems that may limit his/her ability to meet expectations.

Accepting Responsibility - Supported by Be Proactive
Takes accountability for delivering on commitments; owns mistakes; and uses them as opportunities for learning and development; openly discusses his or her actions and their consequences, both good and bad.

Supporting Organizational Goals - Supported by Begin with the End in Mind
Actively supports organizational goals and values; aligns actions around organizational goals; gives priority to organizational needs and concerns when making decisions.

Managing Time - Supported by Putting First Things First
Accurately estimates time required to complete actions and activities; adheres to schedule and timetables; sensitive to the use of other people's time.

Supporting Co-Workers - Supported by Think Win-Win
Contributes to team performance by providing encouragement and support. Helps others overcome obstacles and successfully accomplish goals.

Attentive Listening - Supported by Seek First to Understand then to be Understood
Uses active listening techniques to avoid distractions and show interest in what the speaker has to say; is open to other viewpoints and clarifies points of contention; demonstrates patience while listening to others and does not interrupt.

Solving Complex Problems - Supported by Synergize
Effective at thinking through complex problems and information; uses traditional and innovative approaches to identify effective solutions. Seeks to accept and build off the ideas of others for solutions others may not have considered.

Managing Stress - Supported by Sharpening the Saw
Uses healthy and effective methods to manage stress (e.g., maintaining appropriate diet, exercise, and sleep schedules); reacts effectively when faced with high-pressure situations.

Elevate Rating Scale
Employees and Managers rate each competency based on the following performance levels

Exceptional Performer
Performance levels and accomplishments far exceed normal expectations. Employees who are subject matter experts and role models in their current position. Generally exceed competency expectations and goal requirements.

High Level Performer
Employees who are skilled in their current position and demonstrate high level of competencies and regularly meet the goals required.

Solid Performer
Performance clearly and fully meets all the requirements of the position in terms of quality and quantity of work. Employees who are competent in their current position and display the competencies and generally meets the goals required.

Needs Some Development
Performance is noticeably less than expected. Employees who are new to a job and learning the competencies, responsibilities, and objectives of the position. A performance improvement plan is suggested for this level of performance.

Unsatisfactory Performance
Can occur at any job level but typically employees new to the position or the position has outgrown their capacity to perform. A performance improvement plan is required for this level of performance.