Elevate for Managers

Understanding Calibration

One-On-One Feedback Sessions

Click here to watch the Feedback section of the recent Elevate for Leaders webinar

Here is a step-by-step guide:
  1. Each employee’s review will be returned to the manager/supervisor, with any adjustments from manager's-manager showing in the employees’ final performance rating. 
  2. Schedule the one-on-one feedback session with the employee. Schedule at least 30 minutes/person. 
  3. Hold the Feedback session with the employee. 
  4. AFTER the one-on-one feedback session, log into Elevate and forward that employee’s review to the ‘Employee Signature’ stage. The employee will be asked to verify they had a one-on-one meeting with their direct supervisor. 
  5. Once the employee verifies that they had a one-on-one feedback session, they will be asked to acknowledge they received their review. This acknowledgement does not mean the employee agrees with the rating, just that they received their review. This acknowledgement will be their digital signature & the review will be sent back to the manager/supervisor.
Viewing and Printing the Performance Review
Best to print from your browser, not the Elevate software
  1. Login to Elevate - From the home screen, click the downward arrow from the menu at the top left of your screen and choose the Performance section. 
  2. Choose the Team Overview option directly below the menu navigation at the top left of the screen. 
  3. From the Team Overview find the employee you would like to view and hover your cursor over the Manager Assessment column. This will display the “Go to Form” link. Click the link to access the form. 
  4. To Print - At the Top Right of the form you will see a printer Icon. Choose the sections you want to print and click Print.