Elevate for Employees

Updated April 2016
Elevate Frequently Asked Questions

Why are we doing all of the reviews at one time?
Conducting focal point reviews (doing them all during one time of the year) allows us to align goals, have more consistent reviews among managers, and allows us to calibrate performance scores.

How will managers know when a review is due?
Managers will be notified via email when a self-review, manager review, or any other required activity is due in Elevate.

Are performance reviews required?
Yes. Performance reviews are required. It is important to check in with our employees about performance throughout the year. Managers are responsible for ensuring performance reviews are conducted at the end of the introductory period and on an annual basis. Managers are responsible for having Performance Feedback meetings after the introductory review, annual review, and mid-year coaching and feedback review.

What Can Others See in the Elevate System?
Other Elevate users can see your profile, goals, and badges you give or receive as recognition.

What Is Private In Elevate Your performance review, performance notes, and confidential information such as compensation is visible to you and your manager.  Performance Reviews are visible to you, your manager, and your manager's manager