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Elevate - Introduction

What is Elevate all about?

In our RHA Culture Survey from early 2014, employees feedback was:
  • I care a lot about the work we do & want us to get better
  • I want to better understand how my job ties into the direction of the company
  • I wish my boss gave me more consistent and regular feedback on how I'm doing
  • I want to be rewarded for my hard work
Elevate is designed to help us get better in all these areas!

Elevate is a new philosophy and set of tools around goal setting and consistent performance feedback that will help RHA get better, while ensuring we reward our highest performers.

Elements of Elevate
Computer & email access doesn't allow us to open the software for all employees.  We hope to address this in future years.

  • Elevate is designed to help us define our unique strengths and create goals that helps us provide better care and better contribute to unit-defined and company-wide goals.
  • Employees that set & achieve meaningful goals while displaying the 7 Habits characteristics of effectiveness will be recognized and rewarded through performance-based-pay (state reimbursement & budget dependent).
Promotes consistent two-way feedback between managers and employees
  • Focuses our reviews around thcharacteristics & competencies defined by our 7 Habits Culture of Caring & Leadership
  • Employee Annual Self & Manager Reviews in May (in software) or on hire date (paper)
  • Mid-year coaching check-in in December (software)
RHA Manage Goals and Performance Through:  

Elevate Software
  • For employees that have an RHA email address.
  • Helps us create and manage our goals
  • Ensures employees have the opportunity to meet with their manager at least 2 times/year.

Paper-based Elevate Performance Reviews & Goal Setting
  • For Direct Support and other Entry-level employees (including Maintenance Coordinators, Cooks, Housekeepers, Dietary Techs, and other positions with limited computer access.)
  • Mirrors the review and goal setting in the Elevate software.