Direct Support Career Ladder

RHA is proud to announce our formalized Direct Support Career Ladder.  Now, a new direct support employee can see and understand how they can grow in their career at RHA.

Why a Direct Support Career Ladder?
RHA is investing in our culture of caring and leadership. For employees interested in growing into other positions at RHA, know there are many other opportunities that include moving up in your direct support role, and transitioning into management and clinical positions. Many of our current leaders started in entry-level positions, including current Administrators and Quality Assurance Specialists.

We believe this formalized Direct Support Career Ladder paves the way for our highest performers to advance at RHA, where you have a place to grow!

RHA's Direct Support Career Ladder

Direct Support Associate

  • A new employee that is beginning training and their 90-day introductory period.
  • An employee that completes their introductory period/training.

Direct Support Professional

A promotional opportunity for employees that show consistent caring and initiative.

Direct Support Leader

High performing employees that mentor, contribute to committees, and assume leadership responsibilities.  High-performing DSLs should be considered for open Home Manager positions.